About Us

TAMPA BAY TENNIS is published by TAZ Publications, LLC, a Tampa Bay, Florida, company that produces special interest niche magazines.

TAMPA BAY TENNIS is a full-color magazine that brings the thriving and thrilling game of recreational tennis to life. It's a re¬source guide that features the who’s who within the Tampa Bay tennis community, while spotlighting exceptional tennis clubs, inspiring recreational tennis players, teaching pros, game tips, and more.

In addition to showcasing the most invigorating tennis personalities, TAMPA BAY TENNIS features products and services that are important to our readers – products and services that complement healthy living and that help in the pursuit of life's finest pleasures.

Being a resource guide full of important must-have information, each printed copy is read thoroughly and referred to time and again. TAMPA BAY TENNIS is a unique magazine with exclusive content that is read often and shared with friends.